Perceptions I thought I wasn’t needed.  That others were already doing my work ... as if they could ever speak my voice about my experience.  And then you lay before me.  Trusting and in pain.  Ready to burst forth and spread your wild seeds.  If I made myself small and turned away it would have taken at least another minute before you could spread out in all your primal juicy ness enlivening and awakening the worlds of so many waiting women eager for their own release.  If I had put myself away it would have meant waiting some unnamed time for the next arrival....

I will not put myself away any longer.  I am reframing my relationship in the world.  


My perception is dependent upon where I stand and in what direction I focus my awareness.  Until I allow myself to see the truth of where I am looking and what I am focusing on and the affect that it has on my life, I am not able to fully acknowledge my choice(s) and embrace them.  Or perhaps make a new choice.  One that moves in the direction of my dreams.  One that is in alignment with my true nature, allowing me to embrace my gifts and share them with the world.  And in so doing, becoming fully alive.  

Today, a new beginning.....bursting forth in full color!